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Staying Healthy During the Holidays!


With holidays around the corner, it is a difficult time to lose weight for most people. Remember what the holiday is all about and what it is for. This is not a time to see how much you can eat in one serving, or one day!
Don’t skip a meal before the celebration, just so you will be hungry when you get there. Eat a little snack before you go.
If you are bringing a dish or even cooking all of the courses, try something healthier..A little less salt, use a sugar substitute, leave the crust off of the pie, or just make it low fat.
Use a smaller plate, it tells your mind that you have eaten more than you have. Only put a couple of things on your plate at a time. More turkey and vegetables to start out the meal. When you go back for more, if you do, take smaller samples (like a teaspoon) of the things that you shouldn’t have. This way you don’t over indulge and you don’t deprive yourself.
Drink plenty of water before and during your meal. Take your time eating! When you eat slower, you will fill up faster.
Move games with the kids, or just go for a walk after you eat. Don’t just sit/lay down because you are full.
Losing weight during the holidays is just a bonus, but being HEALTHIER is a choice 🙂