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Find your purpose and live it

Throughout the course of our life, challenges and trials are inevitable and are necessary in the personal growth as an individual. One of the most difficult challenges you will face, or already face, is taking personal charge of your health. In being in control of proper dietary choices and making physical activity a necessary requirement, puts you in powerful commanding position. YOU decide what to put in your mouth. YOU decide between a buttered bagel, or white omelet with fresh vegetables. The challenge is there for you to face, but no one else is there to strategically fight the battle. When you make the decision to take charge of your physical activity as part of your personal investment, you strengthen your body. This challenge of eating right and exercise, not only empowers you mentally, but also changes you physically. By looking and being your best, you feel your best. This confidence allows you to go out into the big bad world and do your thing. Take back your power, and set yourself up to see what life is going to offer as you set out to accomplish what you planned to do. Find your purpose and live it.