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Turkey or bust (pants)

As H.S. Leigh said, ” if you wish to grow thinner, diminish your dinner.”
Thanksgiving can still be an enjoyable time when watching what you eat. Think before you eat. Once it’s in your mouth, it’s too late! It’s all about the choices you make.
The first thing people do is starve until it’s time for the Thanksgiving meal. That thinking is completely wrong! When you skip eating, your metabolism slows down and your body stores food.
If you are making dinner, use less butter, sugar free desserts, or cauliflower mashed potatoes. Eat a few healthy snacks as you’re preparing dinner. They say not to go grocery shopping when you are hungry, the same goes for cooking 🙂
– Eat a healthy breakfast.
-1st plate is made up of meat and veggies.
– drink a glass of water.
– 2nd plate, use a tablespoon to get a taste of everything that you shouldn’t have. This should equal to about one piece of pie or dessert, without feeling like you missed out.
– drink a glass of water.
– go for a walk.
People always say that they only gain a couple of pounds during the Holidays. Those couple of pounds they gain, they end up spending 6 months trying to lose them. You shouldn’t gain what your turkey weighs!