It’s almost Gobble Game Time!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to get that game face on and step up to the table. Here are some tips for enjoying your holiday meal without destroying your diet.
– The first thing you need to is make a plan and stick to it.
– Eat a good breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast in order to fit more in at dinner.
– Don’t wear clothes that stretch. Wear nice fitting clothes. This stops the over eating, as you will be uncomfortable.
– 1st serving: fill your plate with meats and vegetables only. Once this plate is done, drink a glass of water.
– 2nd serving: using a tablespoon, take one tablespoon of the good stuff. Everything that is not good for your diet. This allows you to have a taste of everything and equal about one piece of pie. Once this plate is done, drink a glass of water.
– Have a meal ender: This is so you don’t just keep eating and eating. Pick something and once you eat that, you are done eating and remove yourself from the table.
– Go for a walk or play with the kids. Get out of the site of the food.
Don’t become the turkey and stuff yourself. Make smart choices and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

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