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We have found that sometimes a little extra support is just what you may need to succeed. We have had several of our patients also use the services of Pamela Hopkins at the Healing Fountain, to regain control of issues that may be contributing to struggles with this or other issues in life. She often holds “Spa Days” at which her clients are able to “sample” the various services available at their facility. Healing fountain

 Thought Changing, Weight Loss!

I know that each of you have joined the best weight loss program ever,  Southampton Health Services! However, if you are not receiving your desired weight results and feel stuck, it may be your thinking process that is sabotaging you! This can be the missing element in which you need extra coaching support to propel you into your success goals.

Most people feel that they fail because of lack of will power and don’t recognize or understand that their thoughts and feelings create their long ongoing success. As one becomes aware of their thought patterns or better yet become aware of their sabotaging thoughts, and receives valuable coaching tools to change these thoughts, they regain momentum and control of their weight loss success.

Often life gets hectic and you find yourself falling back into old thinking and eating behaviors and routines. This is the key time to target, understand, and change these old thoughts and feelings while realigning them easily into your weight plan. It’s not your will power, it’s about your thoughts of why and what you are thinking and how you are coping, why not receive new creative tools to promote positive thinking patterns which will support you into getting the results easily. So the key to long term success is to reduce the negative sabotaging thoughts which maintain or carry the old weight.

Hi, I am Pamela Hopkins, LCSW. And I’m the weight loss coach who is ready to support you into permanent success! I am a licensed clinical social worker and holistic energy life coach in private practice for the last 25 years. I practice at the Healing Fountain where my clients experience powerful lasting changes within 1-3 personal visits. I am a results orientated coach. And after just one visit, you’ll realize I am the extra support you need. Call to make an appointment at 757-486-1807 and allow me to show you the proof in the pudding (no pun intended). All services may be covered through mental health insurance or a low weekly fee.


Pamela Hopkins

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