With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to get that game face on and step up to the table. Here are some tips for enjoying your holiday meal without destroying your diet.
– The first thing you need to is make a plan and stick to it.
– Eat a good breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast in order to fit more in at dinner.
– Don’t wear clothes that stretch. Wear nice fitting clothes. This stops the over eating, as you will be uncomfortable.
– 1st serving: fill your plate with meats and vegetables only. Once this plate is done, drink a glass of water.
– 2nd serving: using a tablespoon, take one tablespoon of the good stuff. Everything that is not good for your diet. This allows you to have a taste of everything and equal about one piece of pie. Once this plate is done, drink a glass of water.
– Have a meal ender: This is so you don’t just keep eating and eating. Pick something and once you eat that, you are done eating and remove yourself from the table.
– Go for a walk or play with the kids. Get out of the site of the food.
Don’t become the turkey and stuff yourself. Make smart choices and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

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March It Out!

March is here and the weather is beautiful outside. Walking is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.
– For a warm up: start out easy for 5 to 10minutes.
– The burn: power walk for 5 to 10minutes, and then go into a brisk pace for 1 to 2min.
– Power walk again for 5 to 10minutes
– Cool Down: go back to your easy stride for 10minutes.
Make sure you take small steps. The longer the stride, the more it takes away from the speed and you burn more calories.
Drink plenty of water and March it out!
Here are a few places to walk if you are just getting started.
First Landing State Park – Virginia Beach, Virginia
Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge – Virginia Beach, Virginia
Northwest River Park – Chesapeake, Virginia
Chesapeake Arboretum – Chesapeake, Virginia
Norfolk Botanical Gardens – Norfolk, Virginia
Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve – Portsmouth, Virginia
Sandy Bottom Nature Park – Hampton, Virginia
Newport News Park – Newport News, Virginia
Chippokes Plantation State Park – Surry, Virginia
York River State Park – Williamsburg, Virginia
Oyster Point Fountain- Newport News,
Patrick Henry Mall- Newport News
Buckroe Boardwalk- Hampton
Powell Walking Trail at Obici Hospital- Suffolk
Fort Monroe Seawall-Fort Monroe
Virginia Beach Boardwalk- Virginia Beach
The Matteson Trail- Hampton
Riverwalk Landing- Yorktown
The Noland Trail- Newport News
Elizabeth River Trail- Norfolk
Newport News Park- Newport News

Valentine’s Day!

People celebrate this day all over the world. Often times it is celebrated with buying candy or going out to eat. Substitute the candy and get a basket of fruit instead. If you are going to a restaurant, stay away from the bread/chips. If it’s a must have, take one roll or a small handful of chips and move it to the other side of the table. Get a light salad to start; this will help fill you up. Portion control is very important to eating healthier. Get a doggie bag right away; put half of your meal in it before eating. Don’t add the little extras to your meal: butter, cheese, high-fat dressing, bacon bits, etc. Put your sauce on the side of your plate and get veggies instead of French fries. Remember when ordering, grilled food is always healthier than fried food. Forget the cocktails; they are usually loaded with sugar. A glass of red wine will hit the spot if needed. Go for a nice romantic walk on the beach. Don’t deprive yourself, but don’t over indulge either. Most of all enjoy the new healthier you.

Turkey or bust (pants)

As H.S. Leigh said, ” if you wish to grow thinner, diminish your dinner.”
Thanksgiving can still be an enjoyable time when watching what you eat. Think before you eat. Once it’s in your mouth, it’s too late! It’s all about the choices you make.
The first thing people do is starve until it’s time for the Thanksgiving meal. That thinking is completely wrong! When you skip eating, your metabolism slows down and your body stores food.
If you are making dinner, use less butter, sugar free desserts, or cauliflower mashed potatoes. Eat a few healthy snacks as you’re preparing dinner. They say not to go grocery shopping when you are hungry, the same goes for cooking 🙂
– Eat a healthy breakfast.
-1st plate is made up of meat and veggies.
– drink a glass of water.
– 2nd plate, use a tablespoon to get a taste of everything that you shouldn’t have. This should equal to about one piece of pie or dessert, without feeling like you missed out.
– drink a glass of water.
– go for a walk.
People always say that they only gain a couple of pounds during the Holidays. Those couple of pounds they gain, they end up spending 6 months trying to lose them. You shouldn’t gain what your turkey weighs!

Back to School is just around the corner!

With school being just around the corner, your daily routines is about to change. You can still be healthy and lose weight with this hectic schedule.
First make a meal plan. Next, you want to make sure snacks are included. Never skip a meal, and always eat breakfast. Not only does a healthy breakfast give kids a head start in school, but it helps adults at work also. Last but not least, with after school activities comes late nights. By preparing your meals ahead of time, you will not be eating as late. Try not to eat at least 2hrs before bedtime. Going from eating to sitting and doing homework, after they have sat all day is not good for anyone. Try to let your kids take a couple of breaks in their homework and move around and this will help with digestion.

Grilled foods for those Summer cookouts!

With Summer around the corner and the grills come out, this is a great time for friends and family to get together. Eating healthy and making good choices can still be done! Use skinless chicken, have shrimp or chicken kabobs instead of pork. Turkey, chicken and beef burgers without the bun. Grilled summer squash using Molly McButter, a pinch of salt and pepper and grill on medium high for about 5 minutes until lightly charred and tender. A nice salad to bring: Cucumber Salad : Slice 3 small or 2 regular cucumbers. May peel or leave skin on and place in mixing bowl, Salt ½ teaspoon, pepper to taste, slice thinly a small onion, place in bowl, ¼ cup vinegar. 2 tbsp. light/fat free Italian dressing, one packet of sugar substitute, Mix and let set over night. Drink your water and be sure to move around. Any activity you can do is better than nothing. Happy grilling.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the first step!

Getting rid of weight isn’t easy, but it is worth it. I say getting rid of because, if we lose it, we don’t want to find it again. We didn’t gain our weight over night, and we won’t lose it over night either. I have heard people say you are what you eat,( can’t eat a skinny person), but my favorite one I heard this weekend. You are not fat, you have fat. Just like you have fingernails, but you are not a fingernail.
You need to get up off the couch and start moving. By doing this, you are already 100% ahead of those that are still sitting on the couch. I don’t expect you to run a marathon, but just walking is a great start. Everyone has so much ambition when they start, that they try to do too much. The next day they hurt and they don’t want to do anything anymore. Start out slow and improve yourself each day. Try to walk 10,000 steps in a day. If you can’t and only get 3,000 steps in, that is still great. Try for 3,100 tomorrow! The next thing you know, you will be saying, I remember my first day, with a smile.
Suck it up and some day you won’t have to suck it in.

Find your purpose and live it

Throughout the course of our life, challenges and trials are inevitable and are necessary in the personal growth as an individual. One of the most difficult challenges you will face, or already face, is taking personal charge of your health. In being in control of proper dietary choices and making physical activity a necessary requirement, puts you in powerful commanding position. YOU decide what to put in your mouth. YOU decide between a buttered bagel, or white omelet with fresh vegetables. The challenge is there for you to face, but no one else is there to strategically fight the battle. When you make the decision to take charge of your physical activity as part of your personal investment, you strengthen your body. This challenge of eating right and exercise, not only empowers you mentally, but also changes you physically. By looking and being your best, you feel your best. This confidence allows you to go out into the big bad world and do your thing. Take back your power, and set yourself up to see what life is going to offer as you set out to accomplish what you planned to do. Find your purpose and live it.

How to have your stuffing and eat it too!

thanksgiving 2

Once again the holidays are around the corner. With a few helpful hints, you can satisfy your traditional favorites and still enjoy Thanksgiving.
Most people don’t eat anything the day of Thanksgiving, in hopes of making sure you are hungry and can eat everything. This is the wrong type of thinking! Eat a good breakfast in the morning, as this will help control your appetite. Fill your first plate with meat and veggies, eat slowly and drink a glass of water in between plates. The next plate is all of the stuff that gets you into trouble. Take one tablespoon of each, this equals to about one piece of pie when you are done. You get to have the good stuff and you don’t deprive yourself of anything. Drink another glass of water. Go for a walk, play with the kids, LEAVE the table if you are a picker. Remember, being stuffed is a good idea only if you are a turkey 🙂 The weight we gain during the holidays may only be 1 or 2 pounds, but those pounds seem to stay with us as the weather gets cooler and we get more dormant. Knowledge is power, eat in moderation and set reasonable expectations.

Back to School!

Vacations are over and the hectic kid’s schedules are back. With parents and kids trying to keep up with school, school functions, and after school activities, we often forget how to eat healthy. We don’t plan and grab food on the go. No, no, no. When parents have the house to themselves, this is the time to get moving, exercise, plan your meals for the week, go grocery shopping (without the I wants). Eating healthy will not only help you as parents, but your children. The right foods will not only help you, but also your kids will have better fuel for their hectic schedules. We can’t always control what are kids eat when they are not home or with friends, but we can control what they have available to them at home. Teach them how to be healthy, and always drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

When it is time to get healthy and move forward!

If you don’t go after what you want, you will never get it. Winston Churchill said it best by saying, “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts!” If you move forward then you will never be in the same place.


With all the big holidays gone and your waist bands are stretched, it’s time to get yourself and your health back on track. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Everyone always takes a shower/bath to clean the outside, let’s not forget to clean the inside as well. Drink that water. We always make time to do the things that we want, please make sure to make time for exercise as well. I am not expecting you to go to the gym for 3 hours every day, but I do want you to at least go for a walk. Walking and water are two of the most important things you can do to making your life healthier. If you make a lifestyle change and keep doing it, it becomes routine. Routines are much easier to do daily and maintain! Hope everyone makes these small changes, not just for the New Year, but for the New You!

Entering the New Year

With the New Year here, comes the new resolutions. A resolution may have the best intentions, but they come and go. Instead of making a resolution to go on a diet, make a decision or commitment to get healthy. Make a life style change in your eating, exercising and attitude.

Staying Healthy During the Holidays!


With holidays around the corner, it is a difficult time to lose weight for most people. Remember what the holiday is all about and what it is for. This is not a time to see how much you can eat in one serving, or one day!
Don’t skip a meal before the celebration, just so you will be hungry when you get there. Eat a little snack before you go.
If you are bringing a dish or even cooking all of the courses, try something healthier..A little less salt, use a sugar substitute, leave the crust off of the pie, or just make it low fat.
Use a smaller plate, it tells your mind that you have eaten more than you have. Only put a couple of things on your plate at a time. More turkey and vegetables to start out the meal. When you go back for more, if you do, take smaller samples (like a teaspoon) of the things that you shouldn’t have. This way you don’t over indulge and you don’t deprive yourself.
Drink plenty of water before and during your meal. Take your time eating! When you eat slower, you will fill up faster.
Move around..play games with the kids, or just go for a walk after you eat. Don’t just sit/lay down because you are full.
Losing weight during the holidays is just a bonus, but being HEALTHIER is a choice 🙂

Fall is here!

untitled 1

With fall here, that means kids are back in school and you have some time for yourself. Get up and get moving. This is a great time to exercise with no distractions, no excuses. Kids are busy and if you want to keep up with them, you need to be healthy, have extra energy, and be able to motivate them. Exercising and losing weight will help you in the long run to getting healthier. NO MORE waiting until Monday..There will always be another Monday..Don’t keep putting your health on hold.

Attitude is everything!

See yourself smaller. Set a goal that is reachable, then set another one. The right attitude can lead to successful weight loss. One pound is great, they add up. The main thing is that you are getting healthier with each day! Keep your head up, and enjoy a healthier life.

The Start!

Never give up, as the beginning is always the hardest!

Have a taste for something sweet?

In my journey of losing weight, I always found that I would crave something sweet. I experimented with different recipes to find things that I could have and still eat healthier.
For those that have chocolate cravings: get sugar free chocolate pudding, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze them..You have a fudgesicle that is healthier.
If you don’t like to drink plain water: get sugar free jello and freeze. Use as ice cubes in your water.
Be creative and healthy at the same time!

Don’t rush something you want to last forever!

Lifestyle change takes time and motivation. Don’t feel deprived when you pass up junk food. Feel empowered that you made the healthier choice! Each day it will get easier 🙂

We have opened our Newport News office again. I hope everyone is having a healthy and great summer. Just remember with all of the barbecues going on this summer, that you remember to make healthier choices. It is easy to fall back to old habits and old routines.